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Greta is a F1 Labradoodle. She weighs about 60 pounds. Greta placed in the 90th percentile in her PENN hip examination. She has an OFC cardiac certification. Greta has had genetic testing for RD/OSD,     prcd-PRA, Achromatopsia Day Blindness, PFK and HNPK. Greta is a bold dog, who loves to fetch and swim. She also loves a good belly rub!
Our Doodle Parents

Phone#  336-543-7408
Brown's Labradoodles
Lucy is the mom of our F1 Labradoodles. She is AKC and CKC certified chocolate lab. She is very energetic and loves to fetch a ball. Lucy loves to swim and has a good temperament. Lucy is a great mom to her pups!
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High Country Lemon Drop ( Izzy )
Izzy is a Mulitgen Australian Labradoodle. She is a very smart and very sweet little dog. She loves the water and she loves to fetch a ball. Izzy is parti factored, she is white and caramel in color with green eyes.

 Izzy tested clear on the full genetic disease and health panel that is offered by Paw Print Genetics and scored as good on her OFA hip and elbow preliminary exams.

Barksdale Muggins ( Muggins )
Future Multigen Australian Moms
Muggins is a Multigen Australian Labradoodle. She will weigh about 20 pounds when she is full grown. Muggins is red/caramel in color and parti factored. She is a very smart and very playful pup that also loves the water. She loves to be held and is the most snuggly little dog that I know of.

Muggins has had genetic testing and tested as clear for DM, EIC, HNPK, NEWS, PRA-PRCD, VWD1.


Gus is a 14lb miniature Poodle. He is the sire for our F1 and F1B labradoodle pups.He is AKC and CKC certified. Gus placed in the 80th percentile on his PENN hip examination. Gus also has OFA certifications for his patellas, knees and heart, along with a CERF certification on his eyes. Genetic testing has been done for PRA and Osteochondrodysplasia. A CBC with a thyroid panel has also been completed, and no deficiencies were found. Please call 336-543-7408 if you would like to discuss Gus's stud service.

Gus likes to play ball, chase the cat, and hang around with the other dogs. Gus is a great little dog, that loves people, and is very gentle. He is always ready to play.

Future Multigen Australian Dad
IvyLane Lucky in Love (Jax)
This little pup is Jax and he has just come into my home. Jax is at the beginning of his journey with Brown's Labradoodles and I have hopes of him being the stud for our Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Jax is a great little pup that is very calm and has a great proportionate build. He has some of his genetic testing is done, OFA's and training will be next..