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Hello, and thanks for your considering a pup from Brown's Labradoodles. Purchasing a puppy is a multi year commitment, please be sure you are ready for it ! Before putting down a deposit on a pup, please fill out the pup application. After I have received the application I will send you a confirmation by email along with the contract for you to review. At that point a deposit on a pup can be made. Pup deposits give you a position in which you can choose a pup. Positions will be given in the order that deposits are received. Pup deposits are non refundable, so please make sure of your commitment before placing a deposit.



brown’s labradoodles offers free delivery of a pup up to 120 miles from my address. further distances can be accommodated for an additional fee.

Brown’s Labradoodles is also happy to offer a flight nanny service. These pups are transported by plane anywhere in the United States, including Alaska. The pups are not transported as “cargo”, but are in the cab with the passengers attended by the flight nanny who acts as my representative. The cost of this service is currently $525 for east coast, $550 for west coast. This service takes planning and cannot be accommodated last minute. A deposit on a pup and at least three weeks lead time is required in order to have sufficient time for planning.


* Please read the following statement concerning a pup purchase

Per Federal Regulations, the seller, buyer and the pup that is being considered for purchase must all be physically present so that every buyer may personally observe the pup prior to purchasing and/or taking custody of it after a purchase. By personally observing the pup, the buyer is exercising public oversight and helping to ensure it's health and humane treatment. All pup purchases will be face to face transactions by either the seller or a representative of the seller, a  new owner or a representative of the  owner. This will take place in the breeders home or in a designated and agreed upon location. Shipping is still possible and available if needed only after these requirements have been met. This restriction does not apply to "breeding " dogs. We are located in Browns Summit North Carolina just a little north of Greensboro.

A lot of breeders are selling pups in a way that does not involve the owner of the pup to be involved in the selection process as the breeder is the one who is deciding what client will get what pup. I know of no other situation that a consumer would allow this to take place.  I am happy to assist you as best I can with your selection of a pup but the selection is not mine, it is yours

Brown's Labradoodles retains the right to the first pick from any litter.

Brown's Labradoodles will hold up to four deposits on a litter. If the pup you desire is not available in your litter, the deposit will not be refunded, but applied to the next available litter of the same type of pup. F1 for a F1, F1B for a F1B, Australian for a Australian. If you desire a particular sex of dog and it is not available, your deposit will be applied to the next available litter. I encourage everyone that is able to come and visit their pup at week six. There is no visitation before that, as the pups are too young. If you are out of state and cannot come to visit the pup we understand and will send you videos of the available pups and communicate with you regarding the pups that are available. We have done the best that we can to deliver to you a healthy and happy puppy. If you have decided to make this commitment, we want to be there to help you as best as we can.

Again,thank You for doing business with Browns Labradoodles, we look forward to serving you and to help you make the purchase of your new pup a great experience.


this is what happens when i bring a pup to the airport

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