Why Life’s Abundance ?

In our quest to raise premium, healthy puppies we have searched for a premium food to maintain the health and quality of life, of both our puppies and are older dogs. In this quest we have found Life’s Abundance. Life’s Abundance is a premium food that helps to maintain the health and vitality of our dogs, to ensure they will have a life well lived.

Life’s Abundance has never had a recall, and if there was ever a need to recall the food there are systems in place to make sure you are immediately notified if there should ever be a problem.

Life’s Abundance is a premium nutrient rich food that was formulated by holistic veterinarians to provide a much higher level of nutrition, providing a solid nutritional foundation that can make a profound difference over your pets life. This will reduce the expense at the vets over the years, and because the food is rich in nutrients the dogs and puppies actually eat less.

This is the “ WHY “ of our decision to choose Life’s Abundance to be the right food for our dogs and puppies