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About Us

Due to our great love for the Labradoodle and our desire to promote the breed, Brown’s Labradoodles breeds F1, F1B and multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. We have rigorous standards regarding the health and temperament of our breeding dogs. Brown’s Labradoodles does this so that in your relationship with your pup you can enjoy the best of what the Labradoodle has to offer for many years without major health concerns or medical expenses. A Brown’s Labradoodle is a Labradoodle that is Happy, Healthy, and Loved!


Our Approach

As a small Labradoodle Breeder we are very happy with our puppies for sale in North Carolina and the line of Labradoodle puppies that we have been able to produce. Early Neurological stimulation and Puppy Culture Protocols have been incorporated into our breeding program so that our Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle puppies can receive the benefits of these practices. Through a lot of hard work, and careful breeding we have been able to produce very smart pups that have great temperaments and a low to no shed coat. We love our Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle Puppies and it has been a privilege to be able to keep producing these great pups for the people who want them!




Labradoodle Benefits

labradoodle no shed.png

Miniature to Medium in Size

puppies labradoodles.png

Hypoallergenic/Low to No Shed Coats

labradoodles dog puppies.png

Excellent Temperaments

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2-Year Health Warranty


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