Welcome to Brown's Labradoodles

Hello, my name is Larry and thank you for visiting Brown's Labradoodles. 

Breeding dogs is something my family and I started to do in 2008 with chocolate Labs. They gave us beautiful pups that we enjoyed birthing and caring for until the pups found new owners and went to their new homes.

 Later, we were introduced to the Labradoodle. We started to study this breed and became very fond of the Labradoodle. We decided to transition out of breeding Labs and to transition into becoming  Labradoodle breeders. Our first pairing produced  chocolate standard F1 Labradoodles. We then decided to try and breed smaller sized F1 and F1B Labradoodle puppies. We then got our little dog Gus who is a parti factored miniature Poodle. Breeding him to our labs we got miniature to medium Labradoodle puppies that were in the 25-40 pound range. We love the big dogs but found the smaller Labradoodle puppies to be much better suited for inside the home. They were still active, athletic dogs that enjoyed swimming and fetching just like our labs but we found the Labradoodle to be less hyper , more controllable than a lab and sensitive to correction.  Along with the low to no shed coat of the Labradoodle giving us a lot less mess around the home.

 As a small Labradoodle breeder in North Carolina we are very happy with the line of Labradoodle puppies that we have been able to produce. We breed miniature to medium F1, F1B and Australian Labradoodle puppies. Early Neuroligical stimulation has been incorporated into our breeding program so that our Labradoodle puppies can receive the benefits of this practice. There has been a lot to learn along the way. Through a lot of hard work, careful breeding and genetic testing we have been able to produce smart, well tempered and low to no shed pups. We have had the opportunity to see many great pups go to some great  homes where the pups have been loved and well cared for. We love our Labradoodles and it has been  a privilege to be able to keep producing these great pups for the people who want them.

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