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 Brown's Labradoodles Ellie


Ellie is a fun loving Lab that is silver in color. She came to us as a older pup and has been adjusting to a life integrated with the other Brown's Labradoodles dogs. She is about 50lbs and loves to play fetch with a ball or a stick. She has completed all her genetic testing, OFA and PENN hip certifications and has given us excellent results. Ellie will give us some wonderful, healthy F1 small medium / miniature Labradoodle puppies that, when bred with Gus, will be chocolate in color.

miniature labradoodle


Brown's Labradoodles Greta


Greta is a F1 Labradoodle that  weighs about 60 pounds. Greta placed in the 90th percentile in her PENN hip examination. Greta has been thoroughly tested for genetic defects and has been perfect in all her genetic testing. Greta is a bold dog, who loves to fetch and swim. She has an incredible ability to jump.  She also loves a good belly rub! We get some great F1B medium Labradoodle puppies with Greta and Gus.

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Brown's Labradoodles Figgy


Brown's Labradoodles Figgy is from our 1/7/18 litter from Gus and Greta. Figgy is young and in training and enjoying her new life with her guardian family. Figgy has started the process of Genetic testing, OFA and PENN hip exams.We hope that Figgy will finish her testing successfully and give us some beautiful miniature Labradoodle puppies .

miniature Australian Labradoodle

high country lemon drop ( izzy )


Izzy is a Mulitgen Australian Labradoodle. She is a very smart and very sweet little dog. She loves the water and she loves to fetch a ball. Izzy is  white and caramel in color with green eyes. Izzy weighs 28lbs and has a curly wool coat. I hope to get some beautiful miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies from Izzy when I breed her with Jax. These will be authentic multi generational Australian Labradoodle puppies that will be miniature to small medium in size.

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barksdale muggins

alaa # 060777

Muggins is a Multigen Australian Labradoodle. She will weigh about 20 pounds when she is full grown. Muggins is red/caramel in color and parti factored. She is a very smart and very playful pup that also loves the water. She loves to be held and is the most snuggly little dog that I know of. I should have some beautiful miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies with Muggins when I breed her with Jax.                                                             


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brown's labradoodles gus


Gus is a 14lb miniature Poodle. He is the sire for our F1 and F1B labradoodle pups.He is AKC and CKC certified. Gus placed in the 80th percentile on his PENN hip examination. Gus also has OFA certifications for his patellas, knees and heart, along with a CERF certification on his eyes. Genetic testing has been done for PRA and Osteochondrodysplasia. A CBC with a thyroid panel has also been completed, and no deficiencies were found.


ivey lane lucky in love (jax)

alaa # 064066

Jax came to us from Ivey Lane. He has been a great dog. He has a beautiful fleece coat and is a very active young man. Jax has passed all his testing and has gone on to be a stud. His pairing will primarily be with Muggins and Izzy, I expect some beautiful pups from these pairs and they should just be exceptional Australian Labradoodles.


Down Under's Hank

alaa # pending

This is Hank. He has come to us from DownUnder's Labradoodles. Hank is a chocolate parti Multigen Australian Labradoodle. Hank weighs 33 pounds and is medium in size. Hank has a curly fleece coat. Hank is a mischievous little guy with a lot of personality and is fun to have around. Hank is at the beginning of his journey, but we are confident he will be a great Brown's Labradoodles stud.

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brown’s labradoodles hot ticket

alaa# pending

Hot ticket is our new F1B female Labradoodle for our 12/31/18 litter from Gus and Greta.

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brown’s labradoodles pixie

alaa# pending

Pixie is a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle that is from our Muggins / Jax litter 12/20/2018.

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alaa# pending

brown’s labradoodles she’s got the look

She’s Got The Look is a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle is from our Izzy / Jax litter that was born on 12/18/2018